Robin Hall

 I grew up in home full of art.  From the stacks of art books, and my Mothers paintings still wet on the easels, to my Grandmother’s grand-scale dealership in Antique Paintings, Art was a dominant force.

 Being exposed to the process of painting as a child, removed any reservation I might have had to jump in and explore it.   I began with watercolor in high school, as a hobby, but once graduated and married, I ventured into many other trades outside the art world.   I returned to painting just for the fun of it while in my 30’s.  I never expected that art would again dominate my life or future.

 My early work, in oil painting, focused on the open fields still abundant in Orange County, California.  Today I find architecture and still life to be an attraction, because of the hard and soft edges one finds in these subjects and how strong directional light can bring such drama to a scene.

As an artist, I consider myself to be a student; continually seeking new directions and techniques, which keeps me challenged and immersed in my journey and the fun of “Painting”.